S3E2 - The Value of Exhortation

Feb 1, 2024    Prudence O'Haire, Chris Behnke

The Value of Exhortation /// Together We Build With Chris Behnke + Prudence O'Haire

Who Appears In This Episode: Chris Behnke, Prudence O’Haire

Season 3, Episode 2: “The Value of Exhortation”

Do you know how to exhort others in the faith? Exhortation is more than just giving compliments or cheering someone up. It’s a biblical way of urging, advising, and strongly encouraging fellow believers to pursue godliness and obedience to God. In this episode, Chris and Prudence explain the difference between encouragement and exhortation, and why it matters for our relationships. They also share how to use the power of your testimony to inspire and motivate others when they are in the middle of the mess. Don’t miss this fun and informative episode of “Together We Build” as Chris and Prudence teach you the value of exhortation. Discover more at https://togetherwebuild.tv Follow Chris + Prudence https://chrisandprudence.com/