Eagle Mountain TV

We believe Christian TV can and should be different.
We believe Christian TV could be so much more than what we have seen over the last 50 years.
In 2022 we "Soft Launched" Eagle Mountain TV
Incredible teaching, original programming now streaming LIVE on Facebook, YouTube, Rumble, and of Course Eagle Mountain TV!

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In late 2022 we soft launched a brand new 24x7 TV Network called Eagle Mountain TV.

Our initial pilot included 24x7 broadcast of powerful worship, insightful messages, lessons from our best eCourses, brand new "Original Shows"

Starting January 15th 2023 brand new shows from Bobby Haaby, Don Potter, Donna Hoover, Chris Behnke, Prudence O'Haire, & Many Others!

On January 15th 2023 we fully rebranded, and relaunched Eagle Mountain TV!

What's Up Next On Eagle Mountain TV?

Incredible Original Programming
From Eagle Mountain


With Bobby Haaby

Join Bobby Haaby Sr. Leader and Founder of Eagle Mountain Church in Bend Oregon for this powerful new episode of A New Era.

The church was designed by God to be the most creative governing body on the planet. Join me as we put Apostolic feet to Prophetic hope and unfold heavens blueprints of innovation for a new era.


With Chris Behnke + Prudence O'Haire

Welcome to Together We Build with Chris Behnke & Prudence O'Haire.

You don't want to miss a single episode of this powerful yet practical talk show hosted by Chris & Prudence. We'll tackle important topics in the areas of Marriage, Business, Family, Politics, Parenting, and Religion.

The approach is funny yet at the same time serious, which is needed now more than ever. If you would like to learn more about Prudence O'Haire you can visit her personal website here: https://prudenceohaire.com/ If you would like to learn more about Chris Behnke, you can visit his personal website here: https://chrisbehnke.info/

Together We Build With Chris Behnke & Prudence O'Haire is produced by Eagle Mountain TV

About Eagle Mountain TV

I wanted to let you in on a secret about Eagle Mountain TV...

Many years ago we created a website called eaglemountain.tv. It was a great place to put  our weekend messages, it really did serve our people well. But...

We knew something different was needed, we knew we need to put "media" effort behind our philosophy of "Putting Apostolic Feet To Prophetic Hope". Our Sr. Leader Bobby Haaby has taught the concept behind God's original design for "Church" as an Apostolic Resource Center for over 20 years.  We understand the importance of equipping all 7 mountains of influence, regarding media and entertainment, we were certain there was a better way to do "TV".

We endeavor to create a NEW kind of TV Network, with a NEW kind of business model. A KINGDOM based approach for the future of what God is doing in the media and entertainment space.

In late 2022 we soft launched and in January of 2023 we full launched Eagle Mountain TV. A totally NEW way of doing, thinking about, and watching TV.

We hope you love the powerful messages, lessons, worship, and original programming. Today you can stream Eagle Mountain TV right here on our website, as well as Rumble, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Coming in 2025 we hope to be in select cable and satellite providers as well.

If you would like to learn more about our programing, become an advertiser or sponsor, please don't hesitate to reach out here.


Chris Behnke
Pastor of Media & Innovation

Eagle Mountain TV Original Programming Schedule

You can also watch other amazing content streaming 24x7 right HERE on Eagle Mountain TV!