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Glory Light
Transformation Center

Jesus, our Beloved Lord is calling each one of us into a deeply intimate relationship with Himself. His desire is for us to be one with Him as He is one with His Father and Holy Spirit. He is preparing Himself a Bride, a glorious Church, not having spot or wrinkle, a Bride who is holy and without blemish.

He wants us to experience His beautiful love. His desire is to heal us, cleanse us and to deliver us from our enemies that have kept us in bondage and captivity. He went to a cross and through His death and resurrection we can be made whole and be set free!

This is what Glory Light is all about. You living your life to the fullest. 

Prayer Sessions

Our prayer ministry session is a powerful personal 90 minute session with Practitioners who have spent time in prayer prior to your session and sought the Lord on your behalf for the purpose of:

  • Helping you with your desire for a deeper relationship with the Father.

  • To break off anything that may be a hinderance to fulfilling the call and destiny that God has given to you.

  • To equip you with tools for success.

We are blessed to have several incredible, spirit filled, Practitioners who love to see people set free, who are well trained with many years of experience in this type of ministry.

Training and Support Workshops

6PM First Thursdays of the Month

Whether you are continuing your path of healing with God or you are now ready to support breakthrough for others, our training and support workshops  help train and equip you.

Each workshop includes a time of instruction and interactive training from our practitioners. We discuss a variety of topics, such as, "traumas, abuse, belief systems, addictions, forgiveness, identity, loss, etc.”  

This is a safe place to glean from the experiences of others and to support and encourage one another in the Lord.