Glory Light Transformation Center
Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need someone to help me through this process?

We need each other for agreement prayer and for healthy accountability.

God’s word says:

Therefore, confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another so that you may be healed. A prayer of a righteous person, when it is brought about, can accomplish much.

James 5:16 (NASB)

Why do I have to pay for this? Shouldn't everything church related be free?

First, nothing is ever free. Anything within a church has been paid for by someone. In addition, one should have some investment put into their healing process, when something is free, we generally do not place as much value on it then if we have paid something for it. Most of our practitioners have gone through years of their own training and equipping for this ministry. They have paid for their schooling and have had years of successful experience working with hundreds of people.

The equivalent “counseling” offered by the secular world is much more expensive. The counselors also do not usually deal with the spiritual roots to ensure breakthrough. In secular counseling sessions the client will need to keep coming back. Our transformation process is set up to get your FREEDOM and give you the tools to KEEP IT!

Is this going to be scary… Like the movies? 

It is not scary at all. It is very safe and honorable. We make sure the client feels they can trust us and the process. We do not let the enemy “Show off” we take authority over the enemy. He is defeated and has to leave quietly. 

I thought Christians didn't have to worry about the demonic after they were saved?

Christians can not be possessed. They have Jesus in their Spirit. HOWEVER, the enemy is not expelled from the soul or body at salvation. People can be oppressed in their soul realm (mind, will or emotions) or their body. The demons attach to those areas where they have legal rights through sin. This is why it is imperative for christians to understand the need for this cleansing process. Consider it a detox spiritually! It also explains a lot of trouble we all have had during our christian walk.

Can this help with addictions?

ABSOLUTELY! When you have a GOD vacuum inside of you, it has to be filled with something. This ministry goes to the heart of addictions. It heals you at the root of it. Addictions are a way of getting your LEGITIMATE needs met illegitimately.  ADDICTION happens when you have unmet needs that are driving you.  FREEDOM from all captivity is the result of this ministry!

What is demonization? Is that different then Possession?

YES, demonization is when a demon attaches to your soul or body. Many times in sessions, people get physically healed when their soul gets healed. The demon no longer has a right to stay and torment. Possession can’t happen to a saved BORN-again Christian.

Oppression certainly happens all the time. We have seen hundreds of demonized Christians renounce a lie in a session and a demon leaves. They often feel it leave.

I had a relative or friend go through a ministry similar to this. It helped them for a little while but then they seemed to regress and get twice as bad as they were! What happened to them? 

Our passion is helping..everyone KEEP their FREEDOM. Jan Schaffner just published her 4th VOLUME in her FREEDOM SERIES CALLED “KEEP IT!” This is great resource.

All of us are going to miss the mark: an example is Anger. When we respond in anger, we then need to repent, we then command the demon to leave in Jesus Name. We train people how to maintain their freedom. Deliverance should be a part of our christian walk. We must kick out what  we either unintentionally or intentionally invite in. This is a process we all must walk through whenever it is needed.

Oppression certainly happens all the time. We have seen hundreds of demonized Christians renounce a lie in a session and a demon leaves. They often feel it leave.

What age can my child go through the ministry?  Or do you help children?

The age of accountability is highly recommended. It’s much more effective to work with at least 16 years and older. This also depends on the maturity of the child. Some we can work through younger. 

What in the world are generational curses? 

They are addressed throughout the word of GOD. They’re  sin patterns and strongholds  passed from generation to generation. When someone sins, if that isn’t dealt with through  repentance… it likely will become a stronghold and a mindset. Those become sin-iniquity patterns that flow from one generation to the next; they literally become curses. We have all seen repeated behavior in our family lines! These strongholds become modeled and familiar, until someone breaks it through appropriating the blood of JESUS. CURSES can be broken when they are renounced! It’s actually very important and easy to do! 

Are there any discounts for this ministry?

We would like to have sponsorships for people. We however, believe people need to invest in their freedom. They can exercise their faith and ask GOD as their source to supply their need. Their own investment shows commitment to the process and the success rate will go way up with someone who is invested. It should cost us something. Remember that FREEDOM isn’t FREE! It is very costly. 

What are demons, I thought they were fictional?

SADLY, the ditch much of the world has been in is a BIG LIE. SATAN has a whole kingdom of darkness that operates as a military strategy. The demonic realm is widely debated upon, on what makes them up and how they came to be. The basic premise is that demons are unclean spirits that are doing the bidding of Satan and his kingdom. They are very real entities. Jesus and the apostles were casting them out of people often. Please check in with the word of God and what it has to say about demons. Bottom line: They are inherently evil and their  #1 goal is to deceive you. If you believe the lie they aren’t real you’ve been VERY duped. Don’t take their bait. 

Is going through this healing program going to solve all of my problems? 

This is a transformation from GLORY to GLORY process. You will kick the enemy out of your life and clear the sin out! Please understand that our battle in the spirit will not end until we enter into heaven. This isn’t a one and done forever with my problems and temptations- You will need to take responsibility and partner with God to get your MIND RENEWED with HIS TRUTH. It will take 63 days to build new brain pathways. There is no shortcut.  If you do everything on your end, be assured you will be transformed into Your truest IDENTITY and you can then declare yourself :SAVED, HEALED and DELIVERED! You then must learn how to hold onto your freedom. 

Where does this ministry take place? 

 It can be on-site or it can be arranged to be done ON-line. 

What if I have questions or need help after ministry?

You can always email your practitioner with questions or set up a tune- up session with your practitioners.

I thought once I was saved I wouldn't have to deal with demons anymore… You're saying I do?

Salvation does not expel demons. You will need to go through the repentance, renouncing and  sanctification process of getting free from every legal right the enemy has had to traffic in your life. FREEDOM is yours because JESUS PAID FOR IT.  However, when you got saved you didn’t automatically get healed in your body. A crippled person is a saved yet still crippled person. However, through healing prayer and applying the blood you can be a healed saved person! 

Will I have to do any maintenance work after ministry? 

THIS is a relatively quick process to expel the enemy. It will then be your job as your own gatekeeper to keep him out. It’s an on-going from GLORY TO GLORY process ! It is never one and done ✅ it will be remainder of your life to TAKE EVERY THOUGHT becomes much easier as you finally learn how deceived you’ve been with the master deceiver. THE FUN PART is to walk in your TRUE KINGDOM IDENTITY and take back everything stolen over your lifetime. As you become strong and powerful the enemy is no match for your authority over him. But it takes time to grow and learn. 

Can my going through ministry help my children and spouse?

100% YES! It’s the very BEST thing you can do for yourself, your spouse and your children!

I suspect my house is haunted - Does your ministry help with this problem?

If your house is haunted, you need a team of intercessors to come and pray over your house.