S2E5 - Discovering Hope Through Deliverance Part III - with Robin and Martha

Feb 9, 2024    Prudence O'Haire, Chris Behnke, Robin and Martha

Discovering Hope Through Deliverance Part III With Robin and Martha /// Together We Build With Chris Behnke + Prudence O'Haire

Who Appears In This Episode: Chris Behnke, Prudence O’Haire, Robin Stover and Martha Mendez

Season 2, Episode 5: "Discovering Hope Through Deliverance Part III"

Embark on the concluding chapter of the transformative series with "Discovering Hope Through Deliverance Part III" on "Together We Build" with hosts Chris Behnke and Prudence O'Haire. In this final installment, the dynamic duo continues their profound conversation with guests Robin Stover and Martha Mendez.

As the series reaches its pinnacle, Chris and Prudence guide viewers through the culmination of this three-part journey, exploring the intersection of hope and deliverance. With a blend of personal anecdotes, expert perspectives, and practical insights, the hosts and guests bring this compelling narrative full circle.

Join "Together We Build" for the grand finale, where the discussion evolves into a powerful exploration of the transformative impact of hope and deliverance. In this concluding episode, discover valuable takeaways that resonate long after the screen fades, leaving viewers inspired and equipped to navigate life's challenges with resilience and faith. Don't miss the impactful conclusion of this enlightening series, offering a beacon of hope for all those seeking deliverance in their journey. Discover more at https://togetherwebuild.tv Follow Chris + Prudence https://chrisandprudence.com/